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An astronomical vocabulary, an explanation of all terms in use amongst astronomers at the Present Day

J. Russell Hind

Di (autore) J. Russell Hind
€11,90 €9,52

Etiquette, Social Ethics, and the Courtesies of Society


Di (autore) Anonymous
€12,10 €9,68

Some Account of the Bowdoin Family

Temple Prime

With Notes on the Families of Pordage, Lynde, Newgate, Erving di (autore) Temple Prime
€12,20 €9,76

Bulletin No.1, State of New York, Second Annual Report of the Narcotic Drug Control Commission, Aprril 15, 1920

Walter R. Herrick

Di (autore) Walter R. Herrick
€12,20 €9,76

An Account of John Burbeen, who Came from Scotland and Settled at Woburn, Massachusetts, about 1660

Joseph B. Walker

Di (autore) Joseph B. Walker
€12,20 €9,76

A short account of the family of Ormsby of Pittsburgh

Oliver Ormsby Page

Di (autore) Oliver Ormsby Page
€12,20 €9,76

Ancestry of Col. John Harvey, of Northwood, New Hampsire

John Harvey Treat

An Officer of the Line in the War of ... di (autore) John Harvey Treat
€12,20 €9,76

Report of the proceedings at the laying of the foundation stone of the Liverpool Collegiate Institution, Shaw Street


Di (autore) Various
€12,20 €9,76