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The Theory of Education

William T. Harris

Di (autore) William T. Harris
€11,70 €9,36

A Few Thoughts for a Young Man

Horace Mann

A Lecture, Delivered Before the Boston Mercantile Library ... di (autore) Horace Mann
€11,90 €9,52

Student Life in Trinity College, Dublin

H. A. Hinkson

Di (autore) H. A. Hinkson
€11,90 €9,52

The Blood of the Nation

David Starr Jordan

A Study of the Decay of Races Through Survival of the Unfit di (autore) David Starr Jordan
€12,00 €9,60

A Discourse on the Study of the Law of Nature and Nations

Sir James Mackintosh

Di (autore) Sir James Mackintosh
€12,00 €9,60

The Takallum-ul-madrasah, Or, School Dialogue, in English and Devnagri


For ... di (autore) Various
€12,10 €9,68

Manual of general history, for the use of schools


Di (autore) Anonymous
€12,10 €9,68

Announcement of the Divinity School of Harvard University 1918-19

Jared Sparks

Di (autore) Jared Sparks
€12,20 €9,76