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I Am Your Father

Di (autore) Darrell McEwen
Autore: Darrell McEwen
ISBN: 9780244389222
Casa editrice: Lulu Press
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A man's sweary, hilarious, irritating and sometimes tragic (in the comical sense) journey to Fatherhood. 'I am your Father' paints a picture of the journey to parenthood through a Father's eyes in the form of conversations to his unborn child. Sex, drugs, tears, love and compassion are all considered as the unborn child has a remarkable effect on the Father-to-be. If you are a Father you will surely see your reflection in many of the stories. If you are a Mother you may appreciate the man's perspective on the path to parenthood or you may just have a good f**king chuckle at his expense. 'I am your Father Vol. 2. Every family has a beginning...' coming soon. Well, in about a year to be exact.

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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2018
Pagine 66