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Science and Practice: The Comic di (autore) Robert Cialdini illustrato da Nathan Lueth adattato da Nadja Baer
Autore: Robert Cialdini
ISBN: 9781610660204
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Over two million readers have armed themselves with the knowledge in this book.

Dark forces seek to turn society into unthinking automatons by the use of weapons of mass influence. In this graphic adaptation of his best-seller, Robert B. Cialdini becomes society’s best hope in combatting compliance professionals throughout the world. He leads a team of special forces through a battleground filled with psychological sneak-attacks designed to elicit pre-programmed responses from unknowing victims.

Influence: Science and Practice outlines the basics needed to recognize psychological techniques designed to bring about compliance, and offers advice on how to defend against them.

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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2012
Pagine 82