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Lingua linguistica e scrittura

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Agree or Disagree

Alphabet Publishing

52 Writing Prompts for Opinion Essays creato da Alphabet Publishing

Basic English Vocabulary

Christine R Draper

Di (autore) Christine R Draper

KPOP Quiz Book vol.2

Fandom Media

500 Fun-Filled Trivia Questions About Your Favorite Idols di (autore) Fandom Media

Soul of the Writer

Bradley Kirkland

By (author) Bradley Kirkland

Does Your Flamingo Flamenco? The Best Little Dictionary of Confusing Words and Malapropisms

Arlene Miller

Di (autore) Arlene Miller

Write for You

Christopher Greenaway

Di (autore) Christopher Greenaway di (autore) Amelia Hartley

What's Your Story?

Rachel Renee Smith

Questions that Lead to Authentic, Powerful Writing di (autore) Rachel Renee Smith

The affinity between the Hebrew language and the Celtic

Thomas Stratton

Being a comparison between Hebrew and the Gaelic language, or the Celtic of Scotland di (autore) Thomas Stratton