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Lingua linguistica e scrittura

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The reader the Focus of Language-Training; Swinton's First Reader

William Swinton

Di (autore) William Swinton
€13,60 €10,88

Exercises in English parsing

John Hunter

Di (autore) John Hunter
€13,90 €11,12

Fremdwörterhatz und Fremdvölkerhasz, eine Streitschrift gegen die Sprachreinigung

Leo Spitzer

Di (autore) Leo Spitzer
€14,20 €11,36

Typographic technical series for apprentices - part VI. No. 32

Frederick William Hamilton

Di (autore) Frederick William Hamilton
€14,20 €11,36

Five Hundred Mistake of Daily Occurrence in Speaking Pronouncing and Writing the English Language, corrected.

Walton Burgess

Di (autore) Walton Burgess
€14,30 €11,44

The Art of Teaching and Studying Languages

Francois Gouin

di (autore) Francois Gouin
€14,40 €11,52

A New Graded Method in English Grammar, Letter writting and composition. Complete in one volume

M. D. Mugan

Di (autore) M. D. Mugan
€14,40 €11,52

English Visible Speech in Twelve Lessons

Alexander Bell

Di (autore) Alexander Bell
€14,50 €11,60