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Short-Cut Math

Gerard W. Kelly

Di (autore) Gerard W. Kelly
€6,50 €5,20

The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution

C. P. Snow

Di (autore) C. P. Snow
€6,90 €5,52

Counting on GOD!

Coretta Wren

Multiplying Math Skills con Spiritual Principles di (autore) Coretta Wren
€7,10 €5,68

S3 The Smith Sexagesimal System

Jean-Michel Smith

Using Base-60 to Increase Arithmetic Intelligence di (autore) Jean-Michel Smith
€7,10 €5,68

Multilinear Functions Of Direction And Their Uses In Differential Geometry

Eric Harold Neville

di (autore) Eric Harold Neville
€7,10 €5,68

An Introduction to the Summation of Differences of a Function - An Elementary Exposition of the Nature of the Algerbraic Processes Replaced by the Ab

B. F. Groat

di (autore) B. F. Groat
€7,10 €5,68

The Foundations of Geometry

David Hilbert

Di (autore) David Hilbert tradotto da E. J. Townsend
€7,40 €5,92

Space and Geometry

Ernst Mach

In the Light of Physiological, Psychological, and Physical Inquiry di (autore) Ernst Mach tradotto da Thomas J. McCormack
€7,50 €6,00