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Who Cares? How to Reshape a Democratic Politics

Joan C. Tronto

di (autore) Joan C. Tronto
€3,70 €2,96

Friend Grief and AIDS

Victoria Noe

Thirty Years of Burying Our Friends di (autore) Victoria Noe
€4,30 €3,44

Ten Days in a Madhouse

Nellie Bly

Di (autore) Nellie Bly
€5,20 €4,16

Notes on Nursing

Florence Nightingale

What it is, and what it is not di (autore) Florence Nightingale
€6,10 €4,88

Forensic Medicine in India

Arneet Arora

An Introduction By (author) Arneet Arora
€6,20 €4,96

Notes on Nursing

Florence Nightingale

What It Is, and What It Is Not di (autore) Florence Nightingale
€6,30 €5,04

Interview with Jeffery Khoury, Bringing Telemedicine to the People

Richard G Lowe Jr

An Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Telemedicine con the Doctor Pocket™ Application di (autore) Richard G Lowe Jr
€6,90 €5,52

The Surgical Anatomy And Operative Surgery Of The Middle Ear

A. Broca

di (autore) A. Broca
€6,90 €5,52