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Syracuse chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa of New York

Edgar Coit Morris

Di (autore) Edgar Coit Morris

Vital records of Georgetown, Maine

E. M. Trafford

Di (autore) E. M. Trafford

History of the Fortress of Gwalior

Balwant Row Bhayasaheb

Di (autore) Balwant Row Bhayasaheb

The German and German-Swiss element in South Carolina, 1732-1752

Gilbert P. Voight

Di (autore) Gilbert P. Voight

Women and wisdom of Japan

Shingoro Takaishi

Di (autore) Shingoro Takaishi

London's dialect, an ancient form of English speech, with a note on the dialects of the North of England and the Midlands and of Scotland

Mac Kenzie Mac Bride

Di (autore) Mac Kenzie Mac Bride

The second liberty loan of 1917


A source book di (autore) Unknown