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Vital records of Georgetown, Maine

E. M. Trafford

Di (autore) E. M. Trafford
€5,50 €4,40

The German and German-Swiss element in South Carolina, 1732-1752

Gilbert P. Voight

Di (autore) Gilbert P. Voight
€5,60 €4,48

Catalog of rare old violins, violas and violoncellos; also bows of rare makes

Lyon & Healy

Di (autore) Lyon & Healy
€6,00 €4,80

Catherine Carey in a Nutshell

Adrienne Dillard

di (autore) Adrienne Dillard
€6,30 €5,04

History of the trade-mark "Yale"


Issued January, 1914 di (autore) Unknown
€6,40 €5,12

Peter Alphonse's Disciplina Clericalis (English translation) from the fifteenth century Worcester Cathedral Manuscript F. 172

Petrus Alfonsi

Di (autore) Petrus Alfonsi di (autore) William Henry Hulme
€6,50 €5,20

Song of myself

Walt Whitman

Di (autore) Walt Whitman
€6,50 €5,20

Constitution of the State of Missouri, 1875, with all amendments to 1903

Sam B. Cook

Annotated to date di (autore) Sam B. Cook
€6,70 €5,36