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Essentials of music theory

Carlton E. Gardner

Di (autore) Carlton E. Gardner

A Proper Definition for the Earliest Adiastematic Notations of Gregorian Chant

Anthea Grasselli

Di (autore) Anthea Grasselli

Singing Games


Di (autore) Anon

Our Flag And Our Songs; A Brief Story Of The Origin And Life Of The United States Flag

Henry Alexander Ogden

di (autore) Henry Alexander Ogden

Album of Scandinavian Piano Music - Forty One Pieces in Two Volumes

Louis Oesterle

di (autore) Louis Oesterle

Last Songs From Vagabondia

Richard Hovey

di (autore) Richard Hovey

Country Music's Most Embarassing Moments

James Dickerson

Di (autore) James Dickerson

Righini's Celebrated Vocal Studies

William Shakespeare

Di (autore) William Shakespeare