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Scienze tecnologia e medicina

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The Story-Book of Science

Jean-Henri Fabre

di (autore) Jean-Henri Fabre
€10,70 €8,56

Theory of Heat

James Clerk Maxwell

di (autore) James Clerk Maxwell
€10,80 €8,64

A Pocket Manual of Percussion and Auscultation for Physicians and Students

J. O. Hirschfelder

Di (autore) J. O. Hirschfelder
€11,70 €9,36

How to Take the Case and to Find the Similimum

E. B. Nash

Di (autore) E. B. Nash
€11,70 €9,36

How to be plump, or, Talks on physiological feeding

Thomas C. Duncan

Di (autore) Thomas C. Duncan
€11,80 €9,44

The Mt. Holyoke Hand-book, and Tourists' Guide

John Eden

For Northampton, and Its Vicinity di (autore) John Eden
€11,80 €9,44

A Concise History of Medicine, pp. 7-66

William Osler

Di (autore) William Osler
€11,80 €9,44

Migratory birds, or such as visit Britain at different seasons of the year, a guide to their favourite places of resort


Di (autore) Anonymous
€11,90 €9,52