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The Passing of the Great Race; Or, the Racial Basis of European History

Madison Grant

di (autore) Madison Grant
€11,00 €8,80

The Essence of Christianity

Ludwig Feuerbach

di (autore) Ludwig Feuerbach
€11,60 €9,28

The laws of thought

George Boole

di (autore) George Boole
€11,80 €9,44

Death-bed scenes

Alexander Moody Stuart

Di (autore) Alexander Moody Stuart
€13,60 €10,88

The Confession of a Hyphenated American

Edward A. Steiner

Di (autore) Edward A. Steiner
€13,60 €10,88

Life in the Great Beyond; Or, The Law of Life and Death

A. Victor Segno

Di (autore) A. Victor Segno
€13,60 €10,88

An Appeal for Negro Bishops, But No Separation

J. W. E. Bowen

Di (autore) J. W. E. Bowen
€13,80 €11,04

The Euthyphro of Plato


Di (autore) Plato
€13,90 €11,12