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The Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle

Juliana Berners

Attributed to Dame Juliana Berners ... di (autore) Juliana Berners
€13,50 €10,80

The Golfer's Rubáiyát

Henry W. Boynton

Di (autore) Henry W. Boynton
€13,80 €11,04

The Cricket Tutor

Rev. James Pycroft

Di (autore) Rev. James Pycroft
€13,80 €11,04

The Harness Horse

Sir Walter Gilbey

Di (autore) Sir Walter Gilbey
€14,00 €11,20

An older form of the Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an angle

English Dialect Society

Di (autore) English Dialect Society
€14,10 €11,28

The Manual of Chess

Charles Kenny

Containing the Elementary Principles of the Game di (autore) Charles Kenny
€14,20 €11,36

Joys of the Road

Waldo Ralph Browne

A Little Anthology in Praise of Walking di (autore) Waldo Ralph Browne
€14,30 €11,44

How to Train in Archery

Maurice Thompson

Being a Complete Study of the York Round ... di (autore) Maurice Thompson
€14,30 €11,44