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Start Up Coloring Book Get Pumped

Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs di (autore) A.M. Shah
Autore: A.M. Shah
ISBN: 9781947855212
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Failure is not an option.  If you took the leap and started your own business, then get ready for a wild journey.  There will be ups and downs, but the value is in the process.  Start-Up Coloring Book will serve as your reflection point and motivate you when you need it the most.

Like a protein shake after an intense workout, sit back, relax, and color your stress away to 40 individual fierce animal and lifestyle illustrations. Each illustration features an inspirational quote designed to get you pumped and in the zone.  

Grab some color pencils, invite your team, and feed your entrepreneurial spirits today.  Just note that brain coloring in groups may lead to an intense brainwriting session and powerful business ideas.  Color with caution.


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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2018
Pagine 82