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The Art of War

Sun Tzu

Di (autore) Sun Tzu
€4,10 €3,28

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

Nikola Tesla

With Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy di (autore) Nikola Tesla
€5,80 €4,64

Stellar Dot C

Ian Beardsley

di (autore) Ian Beardsley
€6,60 €5,28

Problem of Increasing Human Energy

Nikola Tesla

Di (autore) Nikola Tesla
€6,60 €5,28

Space Elevator Survivability Space Debris Mitigation

Cathy Swan

di (autore) Cathy Swan di (autore) Peter Swan di (autore) Robert "Skip" Penny
€6,70 €5,36

Honey from Your Garden

Walter Brett

Di (autore) Walter Brett
€6,80 €5,44

The Tower Clock Designed and Made for the University Of Chicago - By the Chicago Training School of the University of Chicago

Earl Bixby Ferson

di (autore) Earl Bixby Ferson
€6,90 €5,52

Earthwork Mensuration, On The Basis Of The Prismoidal Formula - Containing A Simple And Labor-Saving Method Of Obtaining Prismoidal Contents Directly From End Areas

Conway Howard

Di (autore) Conway Howard
€7,00 €5,60