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The American Boys Handy Book

Daniel Carter Beard

di (autore) Daniel Carter Beard
€10,00 €8,00

English and American tool builders

Joseph Wickham Roe

di (autore) Joseph Wickham Roe
€11,30 €9,04

The Chess-player's Hand-book


Containing a Full Account of the Game of Chess ... di (autore) Anonymous
€11,50 €9,20

Cottage farming or, How to cultivate from two to twenty acres. With chapters on the management of cows, pigs, and poultry

W. Hickey

Di (autore) W. Hickey
€11,80 €9,44

The Book of Cheese

Charles Thom

di (autore) Charles Thom
€11,90 €9,52

The illustrated strawberry culturist

Andrew S. Fuller

Containing the History, Sexuality ... di (autore) Andrew S. Fuller
€11,90 €9,52

The Book of Entrées

Thomas J. Murrey

Di (autore) Thomas J. Murrey
€12,00 €9,60

The Respective Effects of the Fine Arts and Mechanical Skill Upon National character; an essay read in the theatre, oxford, july5, 1848

John Conington

Di (autore) John Conington
€12,10 €9,68