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The Mis-Education of the Negro (Chump Change Edition)

Di (autore) Carter Godwin Woodson
ISBN: 9781640320468
Casa editrice: Ross Bolton
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Unabridged version of The Mis-Education of the Negro, by Carter Godwin Woodson, offered here for chump change.  An underappreciated classic, anyone studying influence, the psychology of persuasion, or social controls would do well to study this book.

Woodson states it straight and deserves greater study by all in power, “When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his 'proper place' and will stay in it.”

For those that read The Art of War, The Prince, Meditations, or How to Win Friends and Influence People, this book, The Mis-Education of the Negro, should be added to their book shelf of classics


Foreword            3

Preface                3

Chapter I: The Seat of the Trouble           5

Chapter II: How We Missed the Mark     7

Chapter III: How We Drifted Away from the Truth            10

Chapter IV: Education Under Outside Control     13

Chapter V: The Failure to Learn to Make a Living                16

Chapter VI: The Educated Negro Leaves the Masses       21

Chapter VII: Dissension and Weakness  24

Chapter VIII: Professional Education Discouraged             28

Chapter IX: Political Education Neglected              31

Chapter X: The Loss of Vision      35

Chapter XI: The Need for Service Rather than Leadership             40

Chapter XII: Hirelings in the Places of Public Servants      43

Chapter XIII: Understand the Negro        47

Chapter XIV: The New Program 51

Chapter XV: Vocational Guidance             55

Chapter XVI: The New Type of Professional Man Required           60

Chapter XVII: Higher Strivings in the Service of the Country          63

Chapter XVIII: The Study of the Negro   66

Appendix            68

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Lingua English
Anno di pubblicazione 2017
Pagine 72